Translation can be a difficult and complex task. After all, it’s not just about converting text from one language to another: it’s about communicating to an entirely new audience, with different views, attitudes, and assumptions – all while maintaining the meaning and spirit of your original content.
Fortunately, at Gibran, we’ve developed an efficient, tried-and-tested methodology for delivering exceptional quality, every time.

How does Gibran take my work from start to finish?

A highly qualified translator who’s a native speaker of your target language will conduct the initial translation, ensuring that the translated work accurately conveys the spirit of the original text
If necessary, a subject-matter expert will review the translated copy to make sure that it correctly employs industry-specific terminology and communicates accurately and knowledgeably about the subject at hand.
If you’ve worked with us before, we’ll consult a client-specific glossary developed just for you, to ensure we deliver with efficiency and consistency every time.
An experienced editor with a strong linguistic background will carefully review the document, thoroughly checking that the document is grammatically correct, linguistically proficient, and technically flawless.
Before you get the final text, your work will be proofread one more time – because we really, truly believe in being thorough.