Gibran provides more than just world-class translations – we offer comprehensive language and content services designed to help you communicate effectively with audiences across the globe.


Translation, Arabization & Localization

Translation is about more than finding the right words: it’s about understanding the complexities and nuances of the messages...

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Content Creation

Our team of writers, subject-matter experts, and communication professionals will create content that informs, engages...

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Visual Design & Formatting

Exceptional design and content go hand in hand: a strong design execution will make your content more professional and engaging...

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Editing & Proofreading

Perfectionism is in our blood. With Gibran’s editing and proofreading services, you’ll be able to confidently guarantee that your content...

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Transcription and data entry can be tedious, time-consuming tasks that distract you from your core functions and operations...

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Data Entry

Transcription and data entry can be tedious, time-consuming tasks that distract you from your core functions and operations...

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Translation can be a difficult and complex task. After all, it’s not just about converting text from one language to another: it’s about communicating to an entirely new audience, with different views, attitudes, and assumptions – all while maintaining the meaning and spirit of your original content.

Fortunately, at Gibran, we’ve developed an efficient, tried-and-tested methodology for delivering exceptional quality, every time.

How does Gibran take my work from start to finish?

1- A highly qualified translator who’s a native speaker of your target language will conduct the initial translation, ensuring that the translated work accurately conveys the spirit of the original text.

2- If necessary, a subject-matter expert will review the translated copy to make sure that it correctly employs industry-specific terminology and communicates accurately and knowledgeably about the subject at hand.

3- If you’ve worked with us before, we’ll consult a client-specific glossary developed just for you, to ensure we deliver with efficiency and consistency every time.

4- An experienced editor with a strong linguistic background will carefully review the document, thoroughly checking that the document is grammatically correct, linguistically proficient, and technically flawless.

5- Before you get the final text, your work will be proofread one more time – because we really, truly believe in being thorough.

Our team has perfected this process over the years, in a way that allows us to be exceptionally time- and cost-efficient. Not only are you getting the highest quality, you’re also getting it in record time.

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1- We’re an award-winning company of top-tier language professionals.

Both our professional team of translators, linguists, editors, and industry experts, and our operations team are unified in their
commitment to excellence.

2- We always put our clients first.

When you work with us, your business needs become our priority. You may consider Gibran an extension of your own team.

3- We’re quick and reliable.

Our advanced workflow system and internal, IT-enabled capabilities allow us to mobilize with the utmost efficiency. We can deliver
in record time, without sacrificing quality.

4- We take confidentiality and data security very seriously.

In addition to being ISO 27001:Information Security Certified, Gibran boasts a state-of-the-art IT environment that guarantees the
safeguarding of your content and data.

5- We deliver impeccable quality and accuracy – every time.

Gibran has developed a tried-and-tested process for ensuring that the content we deliver is technically and contextually accurate,
linguistically elevated, and stylistically eloquent.


Gibran is made up of a diverse international team of leading language and content professionals. Hailing from across the Middle East and North Africa – and beyond – our team includes highly experienced translators, editors, linguists, and subject-matter experts for every conceivable industry or topic.

Together, we are fluent in more than a dozen different languages – but despite our diversity, we are all unified in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service to our clients..

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