Gibran Translation Services Company in Jorda, KSA and UAE | About Us


At Gibran, we develop content that helps you connect to diverse audiences around the globe. We communicate across numerous geographies and cultures in order to support your strategic business goals.

With years of experience and insights, Gibran provides professional language services for businesses and organizations operating in countless industries and markets. Combining passionate, flawless linguistic knowledge with robust technical expertise, we work to produce content that is reliable, precise, and sophisticated, while carefully maintaining the spirit of the original text.

Gibran is an award-winning language services company specialized in consulting, business, financial, legal, and technical texts across more than a dozen languages. We employ a team of highly qualified writers, translators, editors, and subject-matter experts in order to deliver world-class content to a diverse and ever-growing client base.



We’re an award-winning company of top-tier language professionals.
Both our professional team of translators, linguists, editors, and industry experts, and our operations team are unified in their
commitment to excellence.

Gibran Translation Services Company in Jordan and KSA | About Us

We always put our clients first. commitment to excellence.
When you work with us, your business needs to become our priority. You may consider Gibran an extension of your own team.

Gibran Translation Services Company in Jorda, KSA and UAE | About Us

We’re quick and reliable.
Our advanced workflow system and internal, IT-enabled capabilities allow us to mobilize with the utmost efficiency. We can deliver in record time, without sacrificing quality.

Gibran Translation Services Company in Jorda, KSA and UAE | About Us

We take confidentiality and data security very seriously.
In addition to being ISO 27001:Information Security Certified, Gibran boasts a state-of-the-art IT environment that guarantees the safeguarding of your content and data.


We deliver impeccable quality and accuracy – every time.
Gibran has developed a tried-and-tested process for ensuring that the content we deliver is technically and contextually accurate, linguistically elevated, and stylistically eloquent.