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Half the art of translation is in maintaining nuance; an illustrative idiom in one language can be completely meaningless in another. English speakers suggest you “bite the bullet” to get something over with, but that doesn’t translate into other languages. Arabic speakers sarcastically ask if someone has a “feather on their head” that makes them think they’re special. So simply translating Arabic text into English or English text into Arabic doesn’t cut it; the words need to be given the appropriate cultural framework to retain meaning.
This is all about nuance, which is where Gibran comes in. We work hard on ensuring that English retains its subtext (a concept not exactly widespread in Arabic), giving it a do-over post-translation to make sure it’s Arabized. Inversely, we make sure English text is Anglicized, too, finding appropriate idiomatic equivalents—and proverbs, turns of phrase, technical terminology, wordplay, and rhythm—between Arabic and English. Some, like “killing two birds with one stone,” retain their form; others, like “between a rock and a hard place,” do not.
This applies to both standard Arabic (or classical—fusha) and colloquial, as befits a client’s needs.
Our job is to translate and then localize your text, whether it’s a catchy corporate slogan, a complex, technical RFP, financial text, legal document, or for business—and to do so accurately, efficiently, and properly.
If you would entrust your work to the Middle East’s leading Arabization experts, a team of trained, professional writers from over a dozen languages and dialects, trust Gibran. Let’s talk business and get you connecting with your target audience the way you deserve.